Food Sensitivities

Food sensitivity testing by Vega Machine was developed 50 years ago by a German Medical doctor, and its use continues today.

The Vega Technician uses the strength of the body's micro-current as the standard against which to assess whether or not a food is tolerated. Micro-current comes to the surface in many specific places on the body. This is where a person practicing acupuncture would insert needles. There is no need to use a needle to do the Vega test; rather it is just the contact point. In my practice, Vega testing is used for food testing only.

The tests are recommended as deemed necessary. The most common indication is when there are digestive concerns, although there are other reasons for recommending the test.

The test is only offered after there has been a full health history* taken.

Anyone requesting a Vega test, needs to have a Naturopathic Doctor with whom they will follow up.

*If you are booking your first appointment with me, you can download and complete the health history form now and bring it with you when you come for your appointment.

To open and print the health history form, you will need Acrobat Reader. If you don't already have it you can get it free.

"Since as long as I can remember, I’ve had digestive issues. With Dr Fairley’s help, I was able to ‘get to the root of the problem’ and identify certain foods that I could not tolerate. After eliminating these foods and with taking naturopathic supplements and drops, I have been able to heal my digestive system and am feeling much better. Dr Fairley is an excellent naturopathic doctor. During appointments, she asks important questions and listens intently to what I have to share. She then helps me to understand why certain things are happening to my body and how it can be connected to what is happening in every facet of my life. She shows genuine concern for my health and well-being and every time I leave her office, I feel physically and emotionally better."
– J. (Vancouver, BC)

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